Monday, November 2, 2015

Details Shmetails

It's time to share some house details and more pictures with you guys! Thanks for being patient with me as I left so much up in the air last Thursday when I shared that we had purchased a new house but basically wrote nothing about it.

New house!
I swiped some of these pictures from the online listing because I didn't actually photograph enough during the inspection. This post will basically just be an overview of the house, saving all the really nitty gritty for room makeovers.

The house itself is situated on almost an acre of land and it's pretty private and secluded from neighbours. It is in a small community of houses so no one is too far, but our lot is bordered by a house on one side and then a driveway and property for another house further back. Like I said, pretty private. It also helps that the lot is mostly treed.

View of back of house
The house was built in 1986 and is in some desperate need of love and redecorating. We're pretty excited to get in there and let our creative juices flow!


Dining area
The nice thing about the place though, is that it is move in ready. Yes it needs some work but it's not a complete disaster that we can't live in. We won't be setting stuff up right away but it is totally livable.

Kitchen with opening to sunroom

There is a sunroom at the back of the house that we aren't sure if we will be keeping or not. It's in need of some repairs and we're contemplating just taking it off and putting on a nice deck. Anyone want to give us their opinion on that? Sunroom or deck?

Living room

Living room
It has a really nice layout and good bones, so at least we have a decent starting point. We plan on taking down a few walls to open things up but other than that, it's mostly cosmetic like painting and flooring.

The bedrooms are all good sizes, which is great since our bedroom furniture is so big.

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Awkward master bedroom
One of the bedrooms is weird though, since they put it in the old attached garage. As you can see from the above photo, it's just awkward. So we definitely need to work on that room.

Basement kitchenette

Basement living area
The basement is a good size and has lots of potential. You know, once we take down the fake paneling and paint over the pink walls. There is currently a small kitchenette down there that will be coming out to make for a nicer bigger den area. We've got plans.

There is another bedroom and bathroom in the basement, as well as some closets and a utility room.

Basement bedroom

Basement bathroom
Oh and there is a decent sized garage for all of Dan's tools and supplies.

Dan's garage
So there you have it, a bunch of pictures to give you more of an idea as to where we are moving to. We're excited and nervous all at once but are ready for this next adventure.

Finding this place took a lot out of us though. We saw 16 different houses and 98% of them sucked. Seriously, there were some really bad places out there. We were feeling discouraged with the whole search and were getting worried that we would be homeless come closing on our current place. But fortunately, this place popped up and we jumped right on it! After a day or two of negotiating price, we had an accepted conditional offer. We immediately started lining things up to fill our conditions ASAP so that we could close on the deal and relieve some of the stress. But during the inspection of the house, we discovered there were some septic issues. We got them sorted out but it added a few extra days of worry onto an already stressful month. I'm so glad this part is now over.

That's all I will share today, since this post is long enough. If you have any further questions (other than asking where this house is), feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer them.


  1. I like sunrooms, so I am biased in that you should keep it :). As for the bedroom, those stairs seem like a good place to accidentally fall! holy moly!

    Otherwise the house seems great and the lot is fantastic! I am sure you guys will have it looking awesome and feeling like home in no time

    1. I'll put you down on the sunroom side of the debate. :) And yes, those bedroom stairs and totally sketch and will most definitely be coming out. We're just not sure how to make them work better...

  2. Wow, that master bedroom staircase is pretty absurd! Nice to have so many bedroom options....which one will you guys claim? As for the sunroom, it might be nice to have a bright place to be that is free of mosquitoes, but could be a heat loss in the winter...or it could be sauna like! A deck would be cool for barbecues though.

    1. We will take one of the bedrooms at the back, probably the one with the Olaf poster. But we aren't 100% decided on that. The weird master bedroom thing will probably be transformed into an office/craft room. And as for the sunroom being a possible heat loss in the winter, we'll be sure to take notes this winter!