Friday, December 4, 2015


My week has been crazy, to say the least. We packed up the moving truck on Sunday and spent that night in a sad empty house. 

Monday morning we loaded the rest of our possessions into the car and left our beautiful home for the last time. I may have teared up. 

By supper on Monday we had half of our belongings in the new house (the other half is still in storage) and were exhausted. Thankfully we had lots of help for unloading and cleaning, we couldn't have done it alone. 

Since move in day we have been going like crazy. We have installed Mia's invisible fence, done small things around the house, started some deep cleaning (gross cigarette smell still lingers), made multiple trips to Home Depot, started building a chicken coop and are overall trying to adjust to a new place. 

We still don't have internet hooked up so I will continue to be absent for a little while yet, I just wanted to check in and say hi from our new home. 

Many many more updates on all the home projects will be forthcoming. Until then, enjoy this post. 


  1. Hope your new home works out wonderfully!

  2. Thanks for checking in! Fun to see you guys at your new place. :)

  3. Nice to hear that things are going well Jennie, I'm sure it will be helping you to keep busy some of the time.

  4. congratulations on moving!! (It's always a blast... lol)