Friday, January 29, 2016

Five Things Friday

Time for another post! It's been way too long since I've popped in to say hello so I thought I would do so today. And I know how much you all love these random little Friday posts.

1. I cannot keep my bathroom clean. It is right below the bathrooms we are working on and dust and stuff is always falling down into it. It's really discouraging and makes me feel like such a slob, but I can't be bothered to clean it every 20 minutes. I'm much too lazy for that. And I realize that this picture doesn't look that bad, but it doesn't show the sawdust on the counter.

2. We got a new furnace installed last weekend and it's so new and shiny! Plus, it takes up less space than our last one so that is always a bonus. Our old one ran off of oil and wasn't working properly, so we burned through an entire tank of oil (which costs over $900 to fill!!) in less than two months. This new one is a high efficiency propane furnace so we are hoping to see some savings happen here shortly.

3. The previous owners left behind this hideous picture hanging above our front door and I've been too lazy to take it down. I hate it but there it stays, looking down on me every time I pass by.

4. I found this adorable new Adidas sweater/workout shirt thing at Value Village last week. It is brand new condition and only cost me $11.99! I am so excited about it and feel super cute. Nothing like finding high quality clothes for cheap. Sorry for the blurry picture, my iPhone doesn't take good photos.

5. I just whipped up a batch of vegan cookies (I'll post the recipe later, when I actually take the time to photograph the steps involved) and I'm super excited about them. They are so good! Especially straight from the freezer, which is basically the only way I eat them. I can also pretend that they are healthy for me, which is a total win. P.S. They are more appetizing than they look.

So that is my mini update from the week, super exciting right? I am planning to have a post up at some point next week showing you a bit of what my house currently looks like, so check back for that.

Anyone care to share some random tidbits from your life lately? I love hearing from you guys. :)


  1. I love reading your blog but rarely comment so since I'm not really doing anything else right now thought I'd comment with my 5 things!
    1. Man flu is bad! I never know if my husband is really sick our just suffering from a man cold.
    2. I have a door knob snapped home behind my front door because the previous owner put the for stop on the wrong place. It's been almost 2 years and we still haven't fixed it.
    3. There is no construction in my house and your bathroom still looks cleaner than mine!
    4. I love how much ambition you and Can have. We have great intentions of getting things done but never have the time.
    5. It's 40 degrees F here today but we are forecasted to get over 12 inches of snow next week! I love snow.

    1. I love that you read my blog! And I also love that you commented and shared your 5 things. :)Nice to hear from you!

  2. Stupid auto correct that should say door knob shaped hole!

  3. Your sink looks cleaner than mine right now! Yay for new furnaces and sweet deals on shirts :)Is that picture a scene from Russia? And really, cookies from the freezer are best!
    random tidbits from my life include me only doing dishes once a day (and sometimes skipping a day!), sorting through all sorts of drawers and cupboards, and making lots of muffins to out in the freezer, only to consume them all within a week!

    1. That picture is just weird. I don't think it's from Russia though, just snowy and maybe has a cowboy in it? I haven't actually inspected it too closely.

      And I totally do that with muffins! I eat them so fast, whether they're in the freezer or not. ;)

  4. This is Grammy week for me. Chantal and Dan are in Cuba and I have Dakota and Brooklyn for the week. Pre K, daycare, the gym, laundry, meals, baths, skating, sliding, pizza day, soup day! Two visits from Mathis and Danielle. It has been a busy week! :) Enjoying your house renovations!

    1. Wow! That does sound like a busy week! I'm sure you enjoyed it immensely though. :)