Sunday, January 31, 2016

You Are Strong

Sometimes, you don't have a choice
To choose between being strong
Or not.

Sometimes, life deals you things
That force you to be strong
Because there is no other choice
To choose from.

Sometimes, being strong
Doesn't feel like being strong.

Sometimes, being strong
Means hiding from the world
In bed, with cookies.

Or getting out of bed
When that feels impossible
To do.

Sometimes, being strong
Is saying congratulations
Even when your heart is breaking
In two.

Or saying no
To yet another invitation
To a baby shower
Or birthday party.

Sometimes, being strong
Means sharing your story
Even when it hurts.

Sometimes, being strong
Is knowing when
To keep your mouth

Sometimes, being strong
Is holding a new baby.
Or not holding
A new baby.

Sometimes, being strong
Is reaching out
When you feel like
You are drowning.

Sometimes, being strong
Is trying again
And again
And again.

Even when you know
It might never happen.

Sometimes, being strong
Is making a decision
To stop.

Even when it hurts
To breathe,
You know it is time,
To say enough.

Sometimes, being strong
Looks like nothing more
Than everyday life.

But you know better.

Because today
You got out of bed,
You got dressed,
You fed your body,
You smiled,
You faced another day.

Because you are strong.


  1. :) Thanks sometimes we need a reminder on what "strong" looks like.

  2. Strong and beautiful. That's you. Great poem Jennie!