Monday, February 1, 2016

My House is a Mess

And that's okay. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I'm quite aware that it's perfectly normal to have a messy house shortly after moving and even more normal when going through some major house renovations, but still, I'm having a hard time with it.

Spare bedroom upstairs
You see, I'm used to having a pretty clean house. As in, clean and tidy and not too messy. Yes I am human and my house isn't always spotless, but since we don't have kids, it's easier to keep it looking good. But now here I am, in a new house, with drywall dust everywhere and piles of boxes in every corner.

It's dirtier than it looks (you can sort of see the dust and mud footprints)
Sigh. I know I need to just accept it and make the best of it and keep chugging along, but some days that is easier than others.

Anyhow, I thought I would share a few shots of our messiest rooms to give you a peak into what the behind the scenes of a renovation project looks like.

Our soon to be master bedroom
Our living room, kitchen and temporary bedroom aren't that bad for looks, just a little disorganized and cluttered. But the rest of the house...

The current state of the sunroom
I'm kind of embarrassed just showing these to you...

Our basement/workshop
Although it does inspire me to go and work on these rooms in order to make them a little more organized in their mess. In fact, I plan on moving some stuff around today in order to prepare for our next project. Because there is never a dull moment in this house!

P.S. I hope to have another bathroom update ready for you guys soon!


  1. I lived like that with four children still at home Jenn. Just keep your eye on the goal post instead of the rubble. As long as work is still going on you have NOTHING to worry about.

    1. I can't imagine doing this with four kids, I admire you! And you're right, progress is being made so we're all good!

  2. Oh Jennie, that is much worse than the mess I lived through last fall. But think how lovely it will all be when you are done!

    1. A messy dirty house is hard no matter how bad it is. So I still think you're pretty great for putting up with your messy fall.

  3. Since we've been there and done that (3times no less!), it all just looks like good progress to me. Glad you've got a partner who enjoys doing all that work! The mess is just reason to rejoice, and it won't be there forever.

    1. I cannot imagine doing this 3 times. I think one time and we'll be good for life. :P