Friday, March 11, 2016

Five Things Friday

I'm really sorry for my lack of project specific posts lately, it's just hard when there are so many things going on at once and I slack off on photographing things. Sorry folks.

But lucky for you, I can get my act together enough to pull a few pictures from the past few weeks and come up with this fun post for you. Aren't I just so great? ;)

1. I spent four hours colouring the other day and ended up with a beautiful finished project and a crick in my neck. But seriously, it turned out awesome so it was definitely worth it. Thanks to my sister Jackie for giving me this fun colouring calendar!

2. My brother-in-law Eric came 2 weeks ago to help with house renovations and he brought along the nephew and nieces. Despite a tooth abscess for Jacob and daily trips to the hospital/doctors office, we had a fun time. I sure do love those kids.

3. I should not be allowed to eat Rice Krispies while sitting on the couch. This has seriously happened more times than I care to admit, although I blame it on the heavy spoon in the light plastic bowl. And yes, I eat them dry because I'm cool like that I can't eat any milk.

4. Taking a selfie with a dog is super hard, especially when said dog is Mia. She does not cooperate easily and I finally gave up after three tries. At least I look cute. And take note that we are outside and I'm only wearing a sweater! We are having such mild weather this week and I am totally taking advantage of it.

5. Our shower is almost done! It is looking so beautiful and I love going into the ensuite and just staring at it. Unfortunately we won't be able to use it for at least another month since the glass hasn't been measured or ordered yet and it will then take forever to come in. Sigh. I guess the grungy basement shower will have to do for now.

What random things would you like to share with me today? I always love it when you guys participate in my Friday posts.


  1. Cora's five things Friday
    1- The warm weather and sunshine makes my heart sing. 🎶
    2- I cleaned my appartment yesterday and it felt great.
    3- I just bought myself a new book for self-exploration titled Start Where You Are. It's beautiful and inspiring!
    4- I went running twice this week (thanks to the nice weather) and it feels amazing. 💙
    5- I am still really enjoying my new hairdo. 😊 bangs 😊

    1. I love your five things! Thanks for sharing them and definitely keep me posted on that book. I like reading things like that. :)