Friday, April 8, 2016

A Glimpse Into The Mess

Phew, I'm just sneaking in this "later this week" post and I must admit, it will probably be short with mostly pictures to explain things. Because I am tuckered. I've spent the morning dusting down walls, vacuuming up dust and then washing walls all in preparation for priming tonight. We are having a painting party tomorrow and I need to be ready for the nice volunteers who are taking time out of their Saturday to help us paint our house. I just keep thinking about how nice things will look come next week when almost every single room on the main floor will be painted. Ahh...

But back to how things are actually looking, since the paint is not on the walls and things are still a bit of a disaster.

The ensuite is fully usable and we are thoroughly enjoying have a nice bathroom to use instead of a grungy funny smelling one. There are still a few finishing touches to do in there but overall, this room is complete.

Fixtures are in!

Dan built this contraption to hold a shower curtain so we can use the shower while waiting for the glass wall to come in (which we have yet to order)

Other half of the ensuite, looking amazing!

Our powder room is also mostly done but I don't have any good pictures of it since it's really hard to photograph. But here is the nice sink end of things.

The master bedroom has flooring, is painted and is almost ready for trim. Which means we can maybe move in there soon.

The second bedroom has flooring as well but is still in need of some work. It is mostly primed (needs a few touch ups) and the ceiling needs to be patched and then resprayed with popcorn texture. But it will be painted this weekend, so that's good.

The hallway is half done with flooring and is also primed and ready to be painted tomorrow. Once the walls are painted in the hall, we can then put up the bathroom door!

The living room and dining area have been the main focus over the past few weeks as we have been patching the walls and getting them ready to paint. There was a lot of little spots that needed attention so it took longer than planned. Oh and it didn't help that we had the ceiling and wall to patch from where we removed the wall that separated the two rooms.

We plan to leave the one wall (the sunroom side of things) unpainted until we get our new kitchen cupboards in and will then finish things off. And hopefully starting next week, we can begin to remove the kitchen flooring and get things looking a little more calm in there.

We have also been tackling the stairwell area and brainstorming ways of making it look better without putting a lot of money into it right now. We are going to paint and put up some new trim, but leave the rest as is for now, since doors are expensive and we're not sure how we want things to look. A work in progress it will be.

I did decide to remove the carpet from the stairs though, since it was pretty gross.

I was secretly hoping that underneath the carpet would be nice wooden stairs that we could salvage into something. I should have known better...

And once I removed the lovely linoleum, it was still crappy. The steps are spruce and the backing is plywood, so overall the stairs are crap.

We did remove the 70's paneling off the wall though and that improved the entryway immediately.

So that is basically how our house looks right now. Progress is being made and hopefully by the end of this weekend things will be looking more put together. I will do my best to keep you updated as things move forward, but no guarantees. Like I said, follow me on Facebook and you will at least get random sneak peeks of things.

Oh but I know some of you will be happy to know, we finally removed the lovely ugly picture from above our front door!

Like I said, progress is being made!


  1. That's a lot of progress and a lot if work! Can't wait to see the painted walls. :) And thank goodness you finally took down that hideous painting! :P

    1. It is a lot of progress, which I keep reminding myself when feeling a little down. And I hope to get a painted walls post up next week!

  2. I know it's slow (been there; done that), but it looks like great progress to me!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate all the reminders to look for the good in this. Progress=good.

  3. those bathrooms (ensuite and powder room) are gorgeous! can't wait to see more pics!

    1. Thank you! I'm totally in love with them and really happy about all the choices we made for them. :)