Friday, April 15, 2016

Painting Party Success!

Well here it is, the post you have all been waiting for since last week when I mentioned we were having a painting party. The house is looking way better and the difference is totally night and day. It's so much brighter and cheerier and happier in my living room now and I'm super happy with our colour choices.

Let's get started showing off the difference! Although please keep in mind that my camera isn't stellar and these photos don't show the true true colour of the new walls, but I did my best and you'll just have to imagine the rest.

Living room - Before

Living room - Before
The before shots of the living room were taken by a professional photographer, hence their awesomeness. Although once again, the walls were more brown and darker than the lighter colour shown. Still, wretched colour no matter how you look at it.

Living room/dining room - After

Living room - After
The walls are a grey, called Planetary Silver, and they work so well with our new floor and lighter look we are going for. Like I said, night and day difference. Just ignore the giant mess I didn't feel like cleaning up.

We also painted the back guest bedroom, which if you remember was a horrible blue/green that hurt my eyes.

Guest bedroom - Before

Guest bedroom - Before
We did some closet rearranging in this room, hence the reason why it looks different in the pictures below.

Guest bedroom - After

Guest bedroom - After
This room is grey again (I really love grey) and it is lighter than the first picture shows, but darker than the second. Like I said, it's really hard to capture the true colour on camera. Now we only painted three walls this colour and planned to do an accent wall in green (on the original chalkboard wall). Trish came and painted it with me on Tuesday... but more on that later. It deserves a whole post of its own.

The hallway got painted too, in a nice Pixel White. I have no before shots of it but it was the same colour as the original living room, which means it was bad.

That is what was painted on our painting party day and we were super pleased with how much got done. We had three extra helpers show up and we really really appreciate them taking 6 hours out of their Saturday to help get our house looking a little more put together.

Now for some more mentions, my incredible mother-in-law Joanne came on Friday to help prime the walls and she was pretty much a life saver. We would not have completed all the priming in time for the party if she had not shown up. Thanks Joanne!

Dan and I have also been busy painting when parties aren't happening and together we have completed the master bedroom and closet and started the stairwell.

Master bedroom - Before

Master bedroom - After
The bedroom is a bluish/greenish/greyish colour, called Sea Salt. The closet is the one we built and we painted it the same colour as the living room, it just looks different in an enclosed room with no natural light.

The stairwell (painted in Pixel White, the same as the hallway) still needs another coat of paint, it's just really hard to do since the ceiling is so high. Dan and I hope to get it done by the end of next week.

That about sums up our painting adventures of late. We are almost done with painting (for now) and I'm pretty excited. Soon we can put up trim and start moving furniture in!!!

Anyone else been painting lately?


  1. Great photos Jennie! I like your colour choices and am super excited that you will be able to move in to more of your house soon! It's looking good (and so are you!) :)

    1. Thanks! I had help with my colour choices, since I'm horrible at making decisions, but am totally loving them. :D