Friday, May 27, 2016

Five Things Friday

Sorry that I didn't blog this week, but after writing so many posts for CIAW, I needed a bit of a break. I'm here for a quick stop by to share some random pictures for your Friday viewing pleasure and I hope to be back next week to show off how awesome the house is looking. Until then though, enjoy Five Things Friday!

1) Dan showed me this little meme last week and it cracked us both up. The longer you look at it, the better it is. Such a happy little turtle.

2) I was given a knitted hat probably almost two years ago from a family friend and I have never worn it. It got buried with a bunch of random things in my closet and I came across it while unpacking and thought to myself, "I could totally rock this". Wouldn't you agree?

3) Two weeks ago we babysat our niece Izzy for a few hours and were responsible for feeding her lunch. Dan suggested eggs and bacon and she of course agreed. I snapped this picture of them dipping their toast in their egg yolks and I thought it was pretty adorable.

4) Ever since Mia turned 3, her shenanigans have diminished. But the other day she pulled one off that had both Dan and I shaking our heads. She had been playing ball with Dan and was a little warm, so to cool off she decided to go lie in the small stream we have in the back yard. Except for the stream is more of a mud puddle right now and she got completely filthy right before bed. Silly dog.

5) Dan and I went on our first picnic of the year on Monday and it was so nice! We enjoyed the beautiful weather and watched the boats go through the locks. We hope to do this more often this summer.

What has everyone else been up to? Care to share some random Friday musings?


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    1. Yay for gardening! Flower or veggie garden?

  2. Jennie this is weird. As you may know I live in Tasmania and last week I was in a cafe getting a quick lunch when in walked a girl who was your absolute double! I had to stop myself from speaking to her - because I was pretty sure you weren't visiting at the time! LOL. But THEN she was joined by her partner who looked exactly like Dan! I could not stop staring! How amazing is that? (I should have asked them if I could take a photo - but I was too stunned to think straight!)

    1. That is weird! But super cool. Too bad you weren't able to snap a picture. :D