Thursday, May 5, 2016

There's an Alien in the House!

Okay, so maybe the title is a bit of an exaggeration, but there was definitely something glowing in our house as of late. I admit that it wasn't an alien, but it was nearly as scary.

Can you spot where the glow is coming from in the above picture?

Let's get a closer look...

And closer...

Eerie right? The whole room is glowing! You know how everyone needs to make at least one huge painting mistake in their lives? Well we've finally done it and hope that it will be our last, at least of this grand proportion.

Let me go back to the beginning... I have been making all the paint colour choices in the house to date, much to Dan's dismay. You see, I love greys and whites and light blues and such, you know, the nice neutral colours that make your house feel bigger and lighter. Dan pouted and complained how boring everything was and said we needed more colour. So I, being the wonderful wife that I am, told Dan he could choose the colour for the accent wall in the extra bedroom upstairs. I figured that one brightly coloured wall wouldn't look so bad and I mostly trusted Dan's judgement, since he helped choose the colours in our master bedroom at our last house. So we headed off to Home Depot and he chose a few options, then narrowed it down to green or a turquoise/blue colour similar to our master bedroom before.

We chose green. And yes, I say we, because I did tell him I had veto rights. He really liked the brightness of it and I agreed that it could look nice.

So we bought the green paint and then proceeded to paint the accent wall.

And honestly, it really didn't look that bad. Yes it was bright but it was only one wall and went nicely with the other three grey walls. We were happy with it and proceeded to move on with our lives. For one day.

That is when we discovered what happens when afternoon sun comes in a window and hits a brightly painted green wall. It Oh so green. The ceiling and the floors and even parts of the hallway glowed when the sun streamed in. The above pictures don't even fully do it justice, it was definitely more neon in real life.

So we did what any normal person would do in our situation. We laughed, took pictures and then proceeded to prime it as quickly as possible.

It stayed primed for a few weeks, while we focused on other house stuff, but we finally got around to painting it last night. We played it safe and chose the same grey as the other walls in that room, deciding to ditch the whole accent wall idea.

I must say, that is looks pretty nice now. It flows nicely with the rest of the room and aliens don't land in our house every afternoon/evening.

We're just glad that our mistake was only paint and was a relatively easy fix. Sure it took more time and money, but it wasn't all that much more work. Anyone else ever make any epic paint colour fails? Or even not paint related?


  1. my dad and I once painted the bathroom a colour we still lovingly refer to as nuclear green. I will say the glow eventually went away after a few days and it looks a lot nicer now!

    1. Ah, nuclear green sounds so pretty. I'm glad that it seems to have faded a bit and you didn't need to go through the hassle of repainting!

  2. Hahaha! I love the pic where you look down the hall and wonder if E.T. is in there! :) so glad to hear that you guys have remedies the situation.

    1. Right? I think that hallway picture is one of my favourites to show how bad it really was. I'm glad too that it's finally remedied, it looks so much better now.

  3. the glowing green wall (which totally made me think of The Ghostbusters...) made me actually "lol"
    I painted over our dining room walls the minute we moved in - the previous owner had them pretty neon blue (with a rug in another shade of blue, and pillar candles in a third shade of blue...)

    1. Glad I could give you a chuckle! And wow, that dining room (with matching accents) sounds horrid! Who would do such a thing?