Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I'm Too Young To Be This Old

Yup, you read that right. I'm feeling old despite being relatively young. I'm in my 20's, I shouldn't be so easily winded while walking up a hill or unable to paddle a canoe up a river without having aching arms for days. Our canoe trip last weekend was the kick in the butt I needed to get moving again. It is long past time, but better late than never. Right?

So here is the plan, for now at least. I want to move in some way every day and I have made up a workout schedule for the next two weeks. I want to run 3x a week, strength train 2x a week and then walk/bike/yoga 2x a week. I've even written this all out on a calendar and pulled out my stickers. For some odd reason, I love giving myself a sticker when I accomplish something.

I started on Monday by going to the gym and doing some cardio and strength. I felt good doing it and accomplished afterwards. Plus, I looked pretty cute thanks to some adorable work out clothes I have. I admit, looking cute while working out is a good motivator.

Yesterday I went for a run (which admittedly, was mostly walking) and have officially started the Couch to 5k program! This is probably the 6th or 7th time I have started this program and have yet to ever complete it. Maybe this is the year?

Today I plan to hit up the gym again and do some strength training. I'm starting out pretty slow and not pushing myself too hard, since I want this to be a lasting thing and not kill myself the first week. Although I may feel differently come Sunday...

I even signed up for a 5k run in September, which means I will be able to cross another goal off my goal list! Go me! I will be running with my friend Vicky, the same one who I ran in the colour run with last fall, although she will be continuing on and doing a 10k, because she is totally awesome like that. Maybe next year I will be able to join her for a 10k.

So that's the plan for me, to get moving and put my body to good use. No more lazing about all the time and wasting away before I turn 30.

Anyone else want to join me? Let's keep our bodies moving!


  1. You definitely look a lot cuter than I do in my work out clothes! This morning was rough, but I got out for my jog.

    1. Looking cute isn't that important, it's about getting out there and moving! So you totally accomplished that. :D

  2. love the last workout top!! where's it from? ((at yoga last night a girl commented that she liked MY top - I was so foggy brained, at first I thought she said my towel - small and gray?! lol - then I thought she said "tat" and finally she was like, YOUR TOPPP! ))

    1. Both of the tops are from lululemon. The white one is really pretty in the back too, lots of criss-cross and makes me feel super adorable. And I'm glad you finally figured out that girl was complimenting your top and not your tat. ;)