Monday, August 8, 2016

Drumroll Please

It's time to make a super duper exciting announcement on the blog! I've been dying to share this news with you all for a while but we were waiting for the perfect moment. And today that moment has arrived.

We are crazy excited about this next journey and also pretty terrified, but are ready to start down this road and will be sharing our experiences with you all. But we will be doing that on a different blog, one that I have been dreaming about making for a while now. The Canadian Baby is officially up and running and we will be doing all adoption related updates there. So be sure to head on over and follow me or you can also Like our Facebook page, The Canadian Baby, and be kept in the loop as we move forward. Don't worry though, The Canadian Housewife is going nowhere and I hope to continue to share my exciting and mundane moments with you here for quite a while yet.

Now excuse me as I return to my happy dancing and grinning like a fool.