Friday, March 31, 2017

17 Goals for 2017 - Progress Report #1

Time sure does fly and here we are at our first goal check-in. Let's see how I've been doing with my 17 goals of 2017!

1. Read 12 books I've read 5 so far, so almost halfway! I did make an easy goal for this year though...
2. Renovate basement In progress! Updates will be shared on here soon
3. Run my fifth 5k Have sort of started training for it and it's scheduled for April 30th
4. Set up a nursery Not yet, the room is still full of stuff
5. Blog at least twice a month So far I'm doing okay with this one (barely)
6. Take a pottery class with Dan Done! We had so much fun and I will be blogging about it soon
7. Visit the ocean Still just a dream
8. Go on a weekend camping trip Waiting for warmer weather but are excited to plan a few of these!
9. Clear backyard and bring in fill We have to wait for the snow to melt 
10. Make a budget Have been making monthly budgets and have sort of been sticking to them
11. Go on a date once a month with Dan Success for the first 3 months of the year
12. Buy new windows for the basement Not yet
13. Start a couples infertility support group This is in the works
14. Colour more often This is ongoing but so far I'm doing okay with it
15. Start organizing photos on the computer So daunting...
16. Attend a dance workshop Attending one this weekend!
17. Do bookkeeping at least once a month So far this has been a success!

So far I've been doing good! I've only crossed one thing off but a few more are in the works and should be done by the next time I check in. Plus, a bunch of them are for the whole year so I can't cross them off until December. I'm proud of how I'm doing though!

If you made goals, how are you doing with them? Care to share? Anyone else shocked at how fast the first three months of the year flew by?


  1. You are doing very well! And oh my, sorting computer pics is a daunting one...let me know when you get started on that one!

  2. The computer pics one really is daunting, that's why I wrote the goal as "start to sort..." so there is no pressure on sorting them all. Because let's be honest, I would totally give up before starting if I knew I was to complete everything.