Friday, March 24, 2017

Five Things Friday

It has been forever since I wrote a Five Things Friday post! I like these little posts because I get to share random tidbits of my life with you that normally wouldn't get a whole post written about them. Plus, they're quick and easy to write and fun to read! Or at least I think so.

1) I finally caved and bought myself some essential oils! I'm pretty excited about them and am starting to diffuse them and research how to use them in my everyday life. It's going to be slow going because that's the way I roll, but for now, super excited about this fun adventure I've started. Plus, some of them smell so good!

2) We were back in Quebec last weekend for my sister Cora's 30th birthday and the whole family was there. Pretty much super crazy busy and hectic but oh so fun. It's especially fun to see the little ones who change so fast, like my nephew Liam. He absolutely loved Mia (and Dan) and was a pretty cute ray of sunshine over the weekend.

3) I've been stepping up my breakfast game lately, which you might already know if you follow me on Facebook. This week the breakfasts have been apple crisp with plain yogurt and hemp seeds. Super delicious and I plan on sharing the recipe with you guys next time I make it. And if I remember to take pictures. For now though, just know that everyone should be eating apple crisp for breakfast.

4) Because of our crazy backyard goals for this summer, I am unable to plant a vegetable garden this year. Which makes me crazy sad but I am trying not to dwell on it too much or else I just get depressed. Looking back at old garden pictures also makes me sad. So instead of moping about my lack of garden and fresh veggies, I have signed us up for a local CSA program! Fresh veggies boxed and ready for pick up every week all summer long? Sign me up! Which is what I did. I can't wait for June 27th.

5) I hate drywall dust. So.freaking.much. We are currently having our basement drywalled (we hired it out this time since it's such a big space) and there was a mess up the other day. Super not anyone's specific fault, just an unfortunate incident that included the furnace fan running while the drywall was being sanded. Which resulted in drywall dust coating everything in my entire house. I may not have handled the situation well. I have been saying I needed to do a full deep clean of the house, so I guess this is my push to actually do it.

So there you have it folks, some five random things that have been happening in my life lately. There are a few changes happening in our personal life over the next little while and I will hopefully be sharing some of them here with you guys soon. I'm also thinking it's time for a fresh new blog look. Thoughts on that?


  1. Too bad about that last one, such a pain!

    1. Yup, such a pain. I've cleaned half the upstairs so far, but lost steam. Maybe this week it'll come back.

  2. Liam read this post with me and of course his favourite picture is the one with Mia in it!

    1. Of course it was his favourite picture, it is the most exciting of the bunch!