Monday, April 10, 2017

Birthday Girl

I'm referring to myself, of course. Because everyone knows how much I love birthdays and how much I absolutely love to be the birthday girl. Even my friend Tory knows me that well, so when she sent me a package in the mail she wrote my name and then inserted "Birthday Girl" between my first and last name. My birthday is all about me. And I love it!

My birthday was last Friday, April 7th, and it turned out to be quite a fabulous day. I was a little concerned, seeing as I came down with a cold earlier in the week and was feeling pretty wretched on Thursday. But I took some cold medication and ate some pre-birthday cupcakes while watching tv and that seemed to rest me up enough for my actual birthday. Thank goodness.

Pre-birthday cupcake
I'm so glad I was organized enough to make myself cupcakes on the Wednesday before I started feeling too bad. Because a birthday without cake would have been sad.

I woke up all cheery on Friday morning (who couldn't wake up cheery on their birthday) until Dan told me to look outside. To give you some background, the past week had been feeling like spring and all the snow had melted and life was good and I was hoping for warm weather on my actual birthday. No such luck. I looked out my bedroom window to this view.

Snow everywhere. It was like a winter wonderland out there! I pouted and stomped and felt quite sad that the snow had come back. But upon further investigation into the upcoming weather, I discovered it would melt over the next few days so I decided to just suck it up and pretend it wasn't there. I climbed back into bed and waited patiently for my breakfast in bed.

Dan made me pancakes with strawberries and raspberries on top. Delicious! Growing up, we always got breakfast in bed on our birthday and so I have convinced forced Dan to continue the tradition. He loves it. :::sarcasm::: 

Moving on. Once I ate my breakfast, I opened my first present from my friend Tory. She sent me a package with five presents that had little notes on them specifying the time I could open them. The first one was at 7am and so I tore into it quickly (since it was now past 7am) and was delighted to get some birthday tea!

At this point, Dan and I cuddled back down under the covers and fell back asleep for a bit, until certain family members called and woke us up for the second time (I'm looking at you Jackie). It was for the best, since we didn't really want to sleep the day away. After Jackie's second birthday call, Cora and I video chatted and giggled quite a bit over the different features we could add to our faces over Facebook. Who knew so many fun hats and decorations existed!

Before getting up and facing our day, I called my mom and we looked through my baby photo album together. Another fun tradition we have.

Dan took the day off work because he loves me that much. Isn't he the best? He just knows me so well and knew I would love to be spoiled all day.

We had some errands to run in town and then Dan was taking me out for lunch, but before we left I did some research on dance shoes and found which ones I'm going to order with my birthday money from my mom. And then I opened my 10am present from Tory.

Yay for cute dance shoes and new mystery books!

We ran our errands, none of which were overly exciting, and then we hit up my favourite little cafe for lunch. Seriously, this place is the best ever. It's small and adorable and the owners are super sweet and remember me and I can actually eat some of their food! I can always have their soup and they can make most of their drinks with coconut milk and they recently added some banana bread I can have. Like I said, BEST PLACE EVER!!

After our tasty lunch we headed home to put up my birthday shelves. But first, I had to open my 2pm present in the car. How fun to have designated presents to open at certain times!

Now about these birthday shelves. Ever since we redecorated our last bedroom (like 3 years ago), I've been wanting some floating shelves. I put the dream on hold for a bit when we decided to sell and then when we had higher priorities in this place. Dan insisted he was going to make them and so I asked him for them for Christmas. But once again, higher priorities. Like our kitchen. So Christmas didn't happen. But my birthday did! Dan super lovingly made my floating shelves for our bedroom that matched our bedroom set and bathroom door and he put them up on my birthday. There was quite a bit of grief involved, seeing as floating shelves aren't that easy to make, but they are up and they are beautiful and I love them. Here are the before and after shots of the wall we put them on.

This view is taken from the bed, looking towards the hallway and bathroom. I'm still working on choosing the right frames and knickknacks to put on them, but they look fabulous. Wouldn't you agree?

Next up, opening another present while Dan made me supper.

We had pesto pasta with bacon and watched an episode of White Collar. Then we had cupcakes for dessert (duh) and headed out to dance! It was just a social dance at a church but we had lots of fun and showed off some of our sweet new dance moves from the workshop we attended. Because we're super cool like that.

We returned home and I quickly opened my last present before we headed to bed. It was a super sweet book that we are going to read to our baby/child one day. Thank you Tory, all the presents were fabulous.

And that was the end of my actual birthday. It was really good and was the perfect way to turn 28.

But the birthday celebrations rolled over into Saturday! Girls night! Me and some friends went out for dinner and then to the theatre to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D. It was my first 3D movie experience and it was really fun.

I even got spoiled with more presents, I'm so lucky. Thanks to my lovely ladies for a fun night out and fun presents!

I have a feeling 28 is going to be a good year. Bring it!


  1. Boy, you got treated royally! Happy Birthday!

    1. I really did! Dan sure does know how to make me feel like a princess on my birthday. :) And thank you for the birthday wishes.

  2. Haha! Sorry I woke you with my second call...didn't realize. But goodness, you have always been pretty spoiled on your birthday! Glad it was a fun day :)

    1. It's totally okay, we needed to get up. And in your defense, you didn't know that we would fall back asleep. :)

  3. Wow! quite a birthday! Glad you had a good time. PS we will have the same swing shoes!

    1. It was a fabulous day. And I can't wait to have the same swing shoes as you! They are so classic and cute.

  4. Happy belated birthday!!!
    1. I need to get my husband to do breakfast in bed on birthdays!! once a year shouldn't be too hard, RIGHT?! =P
    2. LOVE Mary Higgins Clark (fun fact also - a good friend of mine (a nurse in NYC) works with MHC's granddaughter!!
    3. LOVE the idea of birthday presents at certain times! cool idea Tory!!

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes!
      1. Yes, breakfast in bed on your birthday is a perfect request, I'm sure he can do it. :)
      2. I've never read anything of hers, so I'm excited. And super cool about your friend working with her granddaughter! Tory has some connection too, I just know so many popular people. ;)
      3. Tory totally wins for cool idea. Timed presents are the bomb.

  5. This was SO much fun for me to read and see! I can't believe my package arrived on your birthday eve--clearly, the universe knew you needed a super-special and well-deserved day of spoiling! :)

    Kate, that's so funny about MHC's granddaughter. Her grandson was my student for 5 years--they're the nicest family! :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! And your package arrived at the perfect time, before my birthday but not far enough in advance to taunt me too much with all its wrapped presents. ;)