Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Rejuvenate Retreat

Last spring, I came up with an idea for a retreat and I started brainstorming how to pull it off. This retreat would be designed specifically for women dealing with infertility and/or repeat pregnancy loss and it would hopefully be a wonderful time for those who attended. I was excited and I started planning and putting it into place. It was supposed to run last September, but ended up being cancelled two weeks before due to lack of interest. I was pretty discouraged, especially after putting a lot of work into it.

But I didn't let that stop me! I decided to try hosting it again, this time in the spring, and hope for better numbers. Early in 2017, I started contacting people about a location and workshops/sessions. Pretty soon, I had everything lined up again and started advertising, hoping that I wouldn't need to cancel again. I also went on the lookout for sponsors, for both the actual event and for gift bags for the ladies who attended. Well I was blown away by peoples generosity and support and ended up having so many wonderful sponsors. I also had enough interest this time around that we moved forward with the retreat. Hooray!

The Rejuvenate Retreat was held April 22-23 and three ladies attended. It was more than I ever could have hoped for and I'm so happy with how things turned out. It was a time of fun, healing and making new friendships and I am already thinking ahead to next years retreat. That's right, I plan to make this an annual thing.

The gift bags were incredible and I was so appreciative of the generosity of the sponsors. The ladies loved them.

I kept the schedule pretty low key, with an evening of colouring, snacks and games. It was a nice getting to know you time and we had lots of fun, staying up way too late chatting.

The next morning, we started the day off with a delicious breakfast and a relaxing session of yoga. The main room faced east and the morning sun was so beautiful.

After yoga, we had a wellness talk from a registered dietician and then enjoyed a colourful lunch (fajita bowls) outside in the spring sunshine.

A lot of our food was donated by sponsors, which helped alleviate the cost of feeding us all. Thanks again to the event sponsors.

The afternoon consisted of a group counselling session by a psychologist trained in infertility and then some down time for us ladies to chat and connect some more.

Like I said, the schedule was pretty chill but I think it was the perfect amount of free time and activities.

I'm so happy that I was able to organize this retreat and that it actually was able to happen this year. It was a wonderful experience for me and like I said, I'm already beginning to plan next years event.


  1. That. is. awesome. and you are incredible for organizing that!

    1. Thanks Kate! It really was a wonderful weekend.