Friday, June 30, 2017

17 Goals for 2017 - Progress Report #2

The year is half over already! Which means it's time for me to share how I'm doing with my goals.

1. Read 12 books I'm at 11! I joined a book club, which is totally helping with my goal.
2. Renovate basement It's looking good guys! Oh so good.
3. Run my fifth 5k Done! And I ran the whole thing! Time was 38:47
4. Set up a nursery Still working on emptying the room.
5. Blog at least twice a month Barely. This month I sort of cheated.
6. Take a pottery class with Dan Done! We had so much fun and I will be blogging about it soon
7. Visit the ocean I'll be there in 3 weeks!
8. Go on a weekend camping trip We plan to do a mini one this weekend but are planning a bigger one for August.
9. Clear backyard and bring in fill It still looks like a woodlot. The trees are down, but the stumps are still there.
10. Make a budget Kind of fell off the wagon with this one. But I'm crossing it off because I never specified monthly.
11. Go on a date once a month with Dan Still doing good!
12. Buy new windows for the basement Next step, get quotes.
13. Start a couples infertility support group Done!
14. Colour more often Haven't coloured much since I started my new job.
15. Start organizing photos on the computer So super daunting...
16. Attend a dance workshop Attended one the end of March. Read more about it here.
17. Do bookkeeping at least once a month Rocking this one so far.

Only five have been completed so far, but a few more will be crossed off in the next few weeks. So go me!

How is everyone else doing with there goals? Share an update in the comments!


  1. (From the perspective of a high school teacher) I love that you have goals related to financial literacy (bookkeeping, making a budget, even renovating the basement fits in here!). We're constantly talking to our students about the importance of understanding personal finances and trying to give them the tools to manage their own accounts. Kudos to you for rocking that skill in adulthood! :)

  2. Doing super! The pics I have seen of the house are showing a lot of changes in the short bit i've know you :) keep going!