Thursday, June 29, 2017

Random Thursday Post

Basically, I'm writing this post because I've been super silent on here for the last month and partly because I need two posts for the month of June in order to keep up with my yearly goals. Yup, I'm cheating a little.

But I am going to share some pictures, so you shouldn't be too mad at me. I planned on doing a whole bathroom reveal post but I don't have time for that right now. Maybe in the next few weeks?

1. This is my newest favourite chocolate treat. So good. And since it's organic, I pretend it's healthy.

2. I saw this snack hack on Facebook and thought I would try it. Use an old applesauce container to put peanut butter in and have a handy little snack on the go, all kept together in one jar. I've been taking it to work and feeling very cool indeed.

3. I got my haircut recently (just a trim) and felt so cute afterwards. But since I wasn't actually going anywhere I thought I would take a few selfies at home. I love hairdresser hair.

4. We are looking at getting a sectional for the basement and this is the one I currently have my eye on. I haven't actually gone and sat on it yet, but I like the look of it and it has a pull out couch!

5. We signed up for a vegetable CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) this year and I picked up our first basket on Tuesday. SO EXCITING! Seriously, it totally was the highlight of my week.

And there you have it, a quick little post to share some fun pictures and sneak in at the end of the month to keep fulfilling my goals. Sneaky sneaky me.


  1. I like your haircut selfie. And csa baskets are very exciting indeed!

  2. loooooove hairdresser hair!!!