Our road to a baby has not been an easy one. In fact, we're still on this road, over five years after we started it.

In June 2010 we decided we would start trying to get pregnant and were lucky enough to succeed on the first try. We found out we were expecting in early July and excitedly started daydreaming about our future. In August we found out we had lost twins and we were all of a sudden thrown into the world of loss. If you would like to read more about Casey & Jaimie's story, please click here.

After waiting the recommended three months, we were excited to find out we were pregnant in January 2011. But once again, we discovered we had lost another baby in February. If you want to read more about Dustin's story, click here.

After our second loss, we opted to take a six month break before trying again, allowing ourselves to heal both physically and emotionally. Little did we know that our six month break would turn into 18 months. In June 2011, I got sick and we decided it would be best for me to start feeling healthier before trying to get pregnant again. If you want to read more about my health struggles, click here.

In August 2012 we were finally ready to try again and were both excited and terrified at the thought. Since our first two pregnancies happened in the first month of trying, we fully expected to be staring at a positive pregnancy test come September. Except that didn't happen. Not that month or the month after or the month after that.

After suffering two miscarriages and losing three babies, we were then thrown into the world of infertility. Never did we think that this would be part of our road.

Right as we were starting fertility testing, we were surprised with a positive pregnancy test in August 2013. We thought that this for sure would lead us to our take home baby but such was not the case. A month later, at the same time as our other losses, we lost our fourth baby. To read more about Daylin's story, click here

Since we had now had 3 consecutive losses, all around the same gestational age, we were sent for more in depth testing in Toronto. All of our tests came back normal and we spent the last year doing different treatment plans.

We did 5 cycles with our clinic, three of which were IUI's, but have recently made the decision to stop all treatments. On our fifth and final cycle, we discovered we were pregnant but had an early loss less than a week later. You can read more about our short time with Quinn here.

And that is where we are now. We don't know what the future holds for us or where this road will lead us, but we are confident that one day we will have a baby in our arms. Until then, join me as I learn to live, laugh and love after loss.

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  1. I'm so sorry for all of your losses. As a childfree woman, I cannot relate to your struggles but I can certainly relate to grieving. Keep on writing and I pray that you will be a mother someday.