Quinn's Story

We found out we were pregnant on a Thursday, when the nurse called to tell me my beta came back positive. We were shocked and excited and scared all at once but were determined to enjoy every minute we had of this pregnancy. We told everyone we knew and even announced it here on my blog. We celebrated the tiny life that was growing inside of me and I am so glad we did.

Little did we know that we only had a few short days with our fifth and last baby. Those few days were good though and I felt happy and optimistic for most of them.

I did all the things I normally do when I find out I'm pregnant. I bought a pregnancy journal and a gift for the baby, I took belly pictures and I prayed over the new little life. This baby was special, just like our first four, and deserved the excitement that would normally come with a positive pregnancy test.

But on the Monday, we got the call that my betas were dropping and this pregnancy was over. We were having an early loss and I started bleeding shortly after I stopped the progesterone supplements. I can't even really describe how I felt with this loss. It was more final than our previous ones, since this is the end of our road to getting pregnant.

We chose to name this baby Quinn, which means fifth, because s/he was our fifth baby. I always wanted lots of kids, I just didn't know I would never get to meet any of them.

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